“No Food in this World can be tastier than MOM’s hand made FOOD



Long time ago as an employee in Bangalore, We used to order pickles and sweets that are claimed to be home made and authentic in taste. But we were disappointed with the usual, commercial taste. Seeing this,our Ammamma came up with the idea of providing culinary delights of GODAVARI area from her own choicest recipes.

Ammamma a living example of turning around worst of times to good ones, is now providing employment to many house wives.

At Ammama Ruchulu we use hand picked premium quality ingredients. Using preservatives and artificial colors is a big NO-NO for us..

Maintaining best quality without any compromise is an expensive option. Operating through only online mode enable us to cut many unnecessary costs.This helps us to provide BEST QUALITY PRODUCT AT BEST POSSIBLE PRICE .

Why should

choose us?

Ammama Ruchulu not only care for appeasement of your tastebuds but also your health too. We use finest quality ingredients and healthier options like Jaggery and home made fresh Ghee.

Ammama Ruchulu are the best source to order Home made,Authentic Godavari tastes prepared locally using our good old processes and served with love from our amamma ?